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Florida FIRST LEGO League

Florida Regional Tournament Registration

Your team must have received a bid to be accepted at a Regional.  Your regional registration will only be confirmed after your Tournament Director reports your bid selection. 

To Register:

  1. Review the list of tournaments at the right to select your primary and alternate sites/dates.  (We don’t expect to have any problems with regional tournaments filling up prior to the January 17 Qualifiers but if you are asking for teams to be kept together we will need an alternate location. )
  2. Select the REGISTER NOW Link below
  3. Data to be entered:  (one team per form!)
    1. Name of person entering the data if not the coach
    2. Coach’s name
    3. Coach’s email (only ONE email here) – make sure it is complete
    4. Co-coach email or other person's email to be notified
    5. Phone contact
    6. Team Number (please get this ahead of time and verify it)
    7. Team Name
    8. School or Organization – in none, leave it blank
    9. Number of team members
    10. Tournament (School) at which you qualified
    11. Buttons to select primary and alternate regional tournaments
    12. Bring a table?  If you are willing/able to bring a table and field setup for a discounted fee, please volunteer
    13. Keep teams together -- if you have more than one team qualified list them here **
    14. Comments – about registration special requests only please
  4. Review your data and then SUBMIT
  5. Confirmation email will be sent immediately by the system.  This only lets you know we received your request.  
  6. If you selected the wrong event, you have 24 hours to resubmit.  Please email judy.kersey@swe.org if you are resubmitting due to an error.
  7. You will receive a confirmation of assignment and payment information -- probably on Wednesday after you register.  (If you are assigned to your alternate, I'll let you know as soon as possible.)
  8. Tournament specific information will be posted on the Upcoming Events page of this website in January.

**If you have previously had a team qualify and register for a regional and you need to have your teams at the same site, please list the first team’s number and regional.  We will do everything we can to get them together but can’t guarantee it for late registrations. It may mean moving your first team so they can be together.


Payment Payment ($100.00 per team) may be made by check or Paypal.  Payment for registration is due within 30 days of registration or prior to January 25th – whichever is earlier!  Invoices are available to download from the link at the top right.  The invoice includes information for payment by check.  To pay by credit card, select the link below:

PAYPAL PAYMENT (and Invoice)



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Florida FLL Region Schedule

1/31/2015   West - Tampa
1/31/2015   East- Merritt Is
2/1/2015   NE Florida - UNF/Jax
1/31/2015   South - Hollywood
2/7/2015   Central-Winter Haven
2/7/2015   NW Florida - Panama City

Note:  there is no Regional at UCF!

Florida FLL State Championship
  3/8/2015  -- UCF (The Venue), Orlando